Katie’s Blog

Since my first blog post a lot has happened but not in the way of shooting unfortunately. I managed to join another shoot as a beater and it’s so different but similar in different ways! It’s so amazing to see how different people run their shoots and hopefully in the future when i’m older and if i get to run my own shoot I will in corporate some of there ideas as-well as my own. Sadly unfortunately I was only able to go on three shoots at my new shoot and 4 for my local shoot before I had to self isolate and then I was straight into tier 4 and now lockdown!

Very frustrating but it must be done to save lives. I have been lucky enough to be invited on my new shoot as a beater next season so that’s exciting! Hopefully when my local shoot brings in the birds for next season me and my friend be gamekeepers like we were this season! It was really great to be given and trusted with this roll and task and we are both very proud of it and made us appreciate it so much more as it’s very difficult.