Joe’s Blog

Hi I'm joe, iam 15 years of age,I started fieldsports at the age of 8 when my grandad introduced me to clay piegon shooting first using a small .410. I practiced and practiced to get my self to the best I could, i had my first Masonic competition when i was ten and won first, when I turned ten I was soon introduced to beating and picking up yet again with my grandad. I've started to concentrate my self on beating more than picking up. The year 2019 in the summer I competed in a international Masonic clay shoot and won 1st in the junior section. I was very proud of my self that day. Iam hoping to to get a CPSA membership and be able to shoot more young shot competitions. The end of the first lockdown I soon moved onto a 12 bore, as I had out grown my 20 bore, I hoping to get a browning 525 soon.
I would also like to start doing more game shooting, I've got a few pegs for the new season 2021/22. Hoping to get my eye in on the pheasants and partridges.

Late in the year 2020 I sent my application to join west Moorland wildfowling association. I'm hoping to get into wildfowling. I'd also like to go and help the local farmers with crop protection shooting crows and pigeons with my mum.