Connie’s Blog

Throughout my life, I have spent time with many dogs and loved every second of it (even when they misbehaved!)
My grandparents have always had dogs, from spaniels to lurched and lots in between! When I was younger they had an amazing labrador called Jay. She was such a gentle dog and I remember going round my nan’s house many times to have some cuddles. She is the first dog of their’s I remember and I think she is one of the main reasons I love my labradors!
They had another lab at the same time, Betty. She was one of Jay’s puppies and there are pictures of me with her and her siblings! Betty was more lively than her mum but just as loving. I loved her wavy coat and ever wagging tail.
At the moment they have three dogs; Nelly the lurcher, Tern the spaniel & Reg the sausage dog. These guys are some of my besties! Nelly is quite a calm lurcher (believe it or not) but definitely has a jump around when I go to see her. Tern is vey crazy and leaves a trail of hair everywhere she goes!


She’s very smart and a good worker, a little pocket rocket in the brambles. Last but not least, Reg. Reg is such a character and I love him to pieces! He is often found by your feet waiting for a belly rub and a biscuit! Growing up around these dogs and hearing all about the dogs before them has made me appreciate every moment with them as they make any day special.
I am very fortunate to have always had dogs around the house. The first two dogs we had were Guille and Harris. Both black labs and both calm but gained a bunch of energy on a walk. They are the kind of dogs you want as they were often found curled up in bed lightly snoring. Sadly we lost Harris last year but I’m sure he’s somewhere with a nice warm bed and a bunch of tennis balls.


Around 7 years ago I first met Caper. He is another black lab and the best friend I could ever ask for. I still remember the days we would drive up to see him and all his brothers and sisters. Ever since we brought him home we have been inseparable! He always puts a smile on my face and never fails to brighten my day. Even at the ripe age of 7, he is as crazy as ever and loves all the attention (& food!).
I have always admired people who work dogs and I dream of owning my own group of gundogs, so this season I will be bringing along Caper as long as it’s not too windy! I can’t wait, it will be so fun!
Last but not least is Rook. We got him last summer and it couldn’t have been a better surprise after school! Rook loves his cuddles on the sofa and curls up on you (which was much easier when he was smaller) and hopefully in the coming season will join me, mum & Caper!