'Our Heroes in the field'

Over the past couple of weeks NGS has been showing appreciation for our heroes, every single person who has taken part are unbelievable. We have had a wide range of occupations join us to share their stories of both their jobs and lovely memories in the field. 

We cannot thank you enough, not only for the amazing job you are doing but also taking the time out of your increasingly busy days to share with us, every single one of you, with the same very important message, STAY AT HOME.

You deserve applause, you deserve the thanks and much,much more. You are heroes, We very much hope you all enjoy the NGS memberships and the gifts donated by our sponsors and supporters.

A big thank you to:












We caught up with our lovely Katie from NGS to see what she has been up to this week to discuss a little about our farmers who again, are working around the clock for us and deserve a very big thank you!

'Its been a very busy couple of weeks, isolation hasn't necessarily affected me because I'm pretty much isolated anyway, When I've been taking sheep to the fields I've noticed a hell of a lot of people out and about that I don't normally see, which means touching gates, more dogs about and I've also read a lot of posts of people saying their sheep are getting distressed and mauled by dogs, their owners clearly not having them under control and have no common sense when in comes to dogs, sheep and farming in general. The roads have been quiet, which has meant we have been moving sheep from field to field without any hassle. Lambs are doing well; we have 8 pets which my mam is currently in charge of and they're doing great, we've got 2 racks(got more in the shed but thankfully we only need two) which the bottles sit in so we can feed 8 at once, which is very handy! I used to have lambs in pens of 16 and refill bottles. In the shed and feed from 100-400 depending on the year, thankfully I'm giving myself time to regain myself to hopefully pet lambs next year. Since all the fields have been redrilled I'll have a chance to get some pest control done. This is vital for crops and livestock, crows/jackdaws have been horrendous and hopping on to a lamb/ewe who can't get up or whatever the circumstance and pecking their eyes out, horrible things. So its starting to quieten down now, the next jobs will be feet to clip and all that jazz.'-Katie

Its clear to see how busy the farmers are lets be cautious and keep them safe too, again a massive thank you, to you all, from us at NGS.

I am sure a lot of you have seen advertised, we are looking for NGS ambassadors (under 21) to feature on our page, lives and write blogs, so we can see their progression! Very exciting times, this will be a fantastic opportunity and of course encourage the next generation to follow in the footsteps! Thank you to everyone who has shown interest! We will keep you updated!

Be sure to join us on the live next Monday, We have Alan joining us from HAMS Official, and keep check on the next generation shooting page for more.

Stay safe everyone!