Are You Ready For Pigeon Season?

The last couple of weeks the NGS Fieldsports team have been lucky enough to get out on the foreshore for a flight or two. However, in just a few days, many of us will be saying goodbye to the foreshore and will turn our attention inland - and to pest control.

There are many pests that need to be kept on top of in our vast English countryside, for crop protection purposes and to protect nesting birds and livestock; Corvids, rodents and the wily old fox are just some examples. But whether you prefer a bit of roost shooting or a full hide, flapper and decoy pattern, most people will agree that pigeon shooting is some of the most challenging, yet rewarding shooting there is.

We all have different reasons for pigeon shooting. But whether you plan to sell your bag or eat it, one thing we all have in common is making sure we have the right equipment. If your game bag is looking worse for wear or you need more decoys for your pattern, then look no further than the NGS Fieldsports online shop!

Ok so let's start from the beginning. You're packing the car ready to go, and checking to make sure you haven't forgotten anything. Gun in slip, ear protectors sorted. You start packing your favourite cartridges but realise the bag is looking a bit ropey. A quick search online and you can find our range of cartridge bags, like the Waxed Canvas & Leather Cartridge Bag  - made using canvas with a bee's wax coating and with easy access for quick reloading.

Canvas Rosedale Cartridge Bag by Croots

Or for something a little lighter, our Croots canvas cartridge bags are perfect, with a hinged speed load design allowing for easy access and a two inch wide shoulder sling for extra comfort.

So what's the next step? Well, in order to tempt those pesky pigeons into your pattern, it needs to be a decent size and preferably have a mix of decoys so as not to look too suspicious. The NGS Fieldsports half shell Pigeon Decoys are a great way to add numbers and depth to your pattern, and at just £39 for a pack of 12 they won't break the bank.

We know that there's nothing better than watching our beloved gun dogs at work, tirelessly going back and forth picking up our shots. If you're having a good day you'll need a good Game bag to take them home in. Well we have the solution! 

With it's water-resistant lining and made from durable Duotex material, the Jack Pyke Duotex Game Bag is a great choice. The front net pocket is perfect additional storage space for your spent cartridges, shooting gloves etc. 

And finally, if you're in need of some extra camo (because we all know how these pigeons seem to spot us from a mile away), then why not try our Ghillie suit on for size? Oh and don't forget to take your tally counter for the hundreds of pigeons you're sure that you'll be shooting!

Whatever type of pigeon shooting you're doing this year, the team at NGS Fieldsports wishes you luck, but most importantly we hope you enjoy yourselves!