Jess (Hunting Falcons)

Falconry has always been an interest of mine, but it all really started when I was 10 years old. My cousin Ben Potter came to my primary school with a few falcons for my birthday and from that day all I ever wanted to do was be like him. I remember him letting me walk around the school hall with a Gyr x Saker falcon called Cloud Dancer. He was the first falcon I ever held.

Soon after that I started visiting Ben often and it quickly became my home, with Ben being the closest thing I had to a dad after my own passing away when I was 9.
Ben to me was a hero and watching everything he could do with the birds, from tiny Kestrels all the way to Steller's Sea Eagles was nothing short of amazing.
He was my inspiration and started my love for falconry that has grown every single day.
I ended up working with Ben for a few years with 'Ben Potter Bird of Prey Displays' and this took us all over the country. Ben had a talent to draw in the public like no other display falconer I have ever seen and this isn't a unique opinion. His displays saw the biggest specie of Eagle in the world fly over the heads of thousands, a nearly 40 year old imported Vulture walk alongside starstruck crowds and Cara caras steal bystanders hotdogs.

Ben took me along hunting on many occasions with various different birds. It was then I noted the art of hunting was never about numbers, but giving all quarry a fair chance and opportunity of escape. Coinciding with 'survival of the fittest.'
On many occasions the birds didn't bring home dinner, but the flight has always been more important.